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Bed Bug Control in Asheville, NC

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There’s nothing like falling into your bed after a long day! Unless, of course, you have bed bugs. If you’re feeling itchy all night and think you might have bed bugs, call the team of professionals at Clegg’s Pest Control. We use the latest techniques (including bed bug detection dogs!) to locate and remove those pests, giving you a home you can relax in again. We’ve been serving our friends and neighbors around North Carolina since 1964 and are Asheville’s premier pest control company. We provide FREE inspections, so there’s no risk! If you think you might have bed bugs, call our team at (888) MRCLEGG or contact us today to speak with us.

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What Are Bed Bugs?


Bed bugs are small, brown or rust colored oval-shaped insects that like to call your mattress home. They can also be found in other soft materials, including clothing and sofas. Any place that has soft materials can play host to bed bugs, so they could also be called couch/sofa/chair/beanbag bugs! They can be hard to spot and molt up to five times before they reach their full-grown size. They are nocturnal by nature, so looking for them during the day may not yield the results you’re hoping for.

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How Can I Tell if I Have Bed Bugs?

Check your mattress and box spring for shed skin, egg shells, and small stains. They will commonly reside in the corners of your mattress, but be sure to check your headboard, bedside tables, and walls as well. If you have any loose wallpaper or paneling in your room, or you keep blankets or other soft, pliable items near your sleeping area, be sure to check those as well. If you see any of these signs or would like a second opinion, call us at (888) MRCLEGG for a free inspection and to talk about bed bug control strategies.


How Can I Treat Bed Bug Bites?

Red marks caused by bed bugs can be itchy and will probably occur in clusters or lines. If itchiness becomes a problem, use antihistamines and an anti-itch cream to avoid scratching. Remember to keep the affected area clean! If you experience multiple bites, have oozing, or other signs of reaction or infection, be sure to see your doctor or dermatologist. Bed bugs can come back after treatment depending on the situation, so be sure to let our team know if you are still having problems or bed bug bites.

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Do Bed Bugs Pose a Serious Health Risk?

Other than an annoying itchy bite, bed bugs are not disease spreading pests. They are not dangerous to a majority of the population, but if you or someone you know is allergic, a more serious reaction could develop. You could also experience a secondary infection from your bite, so be sure to see a doctor if you feel it’s necessary or are experiencing any symptoms listed above. If someone is experiencing anaphylaxis, call 911.

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Let our team of pest control heroes turn your home or business from a buggy palace to the cleanest, bug-free zone around town. We use the best care and most up-to-date techniques to remove bed bugs and other pests, and we even have highly trained bed bug detection dogs that help us locate every infestation in your home so we can treat it right the first time. Call us at (888) MRCLEGG or contact us here online to take advantage of our free inspection today.  

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