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Bed Bug Control in Greensboro, NC

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Small, red, itchy bites and what feels like a never-ending search for those tiny pests… That’s life with bed bugs. If you’ve been struggling to get rid of these small critters, contact your team of pest control heroes at Clegg’s Pest Control. We’ve been serving our neighbors throughout North Carolina since 1964 and know just how to give you back your home, eliminating bed bugs and providing peace of mind.

We use the latest technologies and safest treatments to provide a quick and effective solution. Our family owned and operated company takes great care to answer all of your questions and create a custom bed bug treatment plan that suit your space’s unique needs. Call us at 888-MRCLEGG or contact us below to schedule your free initial inspection!

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What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

Bed bugs are small insects that are brown or rust red in color and oval in shape. The most common areas for bed bugs are in the corners of beds. However, they can also be found in couches, bean bags, chairs, backpacks, clothing, and other soft materials. Bed bugs that are not yet full grown can be difficult to spot; these insects can molt up to five times before they reach full-grown size, and even then they are small! Did you know that bed bugs are nocturnal insects? That’s why they can be hard to find during the day but affect you at night.  

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

If you’re waking up with small red bites on your arms or legs, you might have bed bugs. Check underneath your sheets at the corners of your bed for exoskeletons that have been shed. You might also find egg shells or brown stains. Be sure to also check along bedside tables, between any cushions, along headboards, and even along wallpaper seams. If you’d like a professional opinion, our team provides free initial inspections, so give us a call at 888-MRCLEGG today!

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Can I Treat Bed Bug Bites?

Yes! Don’t feel like you have to suffer through the itchiness. You’ll recognize bed bug bites from their close proximity together, usually on your arms or legs. They’ll be contained to a cluster or line from the insect moving around as you sleep. Treat the bites with antihistamines and anti-itch creams to ease the itch, and don’t scratch. Of course, if you have a more severe reaction, call your physician, visit the emergency room, or call 911.

Cleggs Pest Control 50 years logoBeat Bed Bugs in Greensboro with Clegg’s Pest Control

We’re committed to treating all of your pest problems, including bed bugs! We are proud to provide homes and businesses with quality pest control services in Greensboro and beyond. As North Carolina’s premier pest control company, our team of pest control heroes is ready to help you kick those bed bugs out and get back to a restful night of sleep. We use the latest techniques in the pest control industry, and even employ two bed bug detection dogs to help us located every last unwelcome guest.

If you’re ready to take back your home, call us at 888-MRCLEGG or contact us today. We’d be happy to schedule your free initial inspection, answer all of your questions, and start the process of creating a custom treatment plan! Let our team save the day and get you back to counting sheep at night.

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