House Spiders

Description of Pest: House spiders are probably the most common type of spider found in North Carolina. These spiders prey on a variety of pests and spin very large, ornate webs. In many cases they often help keep the home free of pests, but they can be a nuisance.

Size: .375 inches

Color: Wide variety of colors but primarily light brown or beige with dark markings. Often you can see some species in more reddish colors or with spots.

Habitat: House spiders weave intricate, large, oftentimes beautiful webs. These webs are used to catch prey as well as to house nests. They often choose high, sometimes secluded areas such as within ceiling light fixtures or ceiling corners. Pretty much anywhere they are unlikely to be disturbed.

Food: Mostly flying insects they capture in their webs, hence why they often build webs around light sources. They liquefy their captured prey to eat.

Behavior: House spiders are not usually aggressive and typically keep to themselves to nest and feed. They tend to stay out of the way but they have been known to travel along walls and ceilings.

Prevention: Cleanliness and patching wall cracks is the best preventative measure as House spiders will often fine small crevices to hide until time to build a web. Store bought pesticides or foggers are often ineffective.

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