How Long Do Mosquito Bites Take to Go Away?

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They’re itchy, annoying, and one of the worst things about warmer weather. And here in North Carolina, it can seem like the warm temperatures of summer last well into fall (and sometimes winter). Mosquitoes aren’t just a nuisance – they’re a downright pest.

If these little guys make you want to stay inside, we understand. People have varying reactions to mosquito bites, ranging from almost no response to large, red bumps that require anti-itch medication and an iron will to keep the scratching at bay.

Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

It isn’t actually the bite that itches, it’s your body’s reaction to the mosquito’s saliva. Gross! This substance contains proteins and an anticoagulant, which are foreign substances to your body. To fight them, your immune system will release histamine to help white blood cells get to the affected area and heal the bite. Unfortunately, histamine is also what causes the itchiness and swelling that goes along with a mosquito bite.


How Long Does It Take for Mosquito Bites to Go Away?

Depending on your tolerance, it could take as little as three days to as long as three weeks. As it heals, your red and itchy skin will fade, swelling will go down, and the urge to scratch will subside.


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What Helps a Mosquito Bite?

If you’re looking for relief, there are a few solutions that we’ve found are proven to work. The first, and probably most common, is to take an over-the-counter antihistamine. This will help decrease the amount of histamine in your blood and help combat the itchiness and swelling. Oral medications like Benadryl or topical treatments like calamine lotion work well.

If you don’t have any antihistamines on hand, turn to your pantry for some honey. It’s a natural antiseptic and antibacterial ingredient that is also known to help speed to recovery of wounds, aka nature’s miracle. Just don’t wear this outside, as the sugar will attract other mosquitos and bugs.


how long do mosquito bites take to go away


Why Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Me?

If you get bit all the time but your friends don’t, you’re probably wondering why those mosquito ladies single you out every time (because, yes, it’s just the females that bite). There are a variety of factors that attract mosquitoes, including people with Type O blood, women who are pregnant, people who produce higher amounts of uric and lactic acid or ammonia, and anyone who has recently exercised.  


How Can I Prevent Mosquito Bites?

Be sure to wear loose clothing when outside because mosquitoes can bite through yoga pants and other tight clothing. Also, refrain from spending extended time outdoors during dusk and dawn hours, as that’s when mosquitoes are most active. Use bug spray to keep them away, and decrease your alcohol consumption, since mosquitos are also attracted to people who have recently enjoyed a beer or two.


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Also be sure to keep gutters clear, empty kiddie pools, clean out your bird baths, and make sure there isn’t any standing water in plant pots, watering containers, or any other items on your deck or in your yard. Mosquitos use these areas as breeding grounds, so keeping your property clear of any standing water will help keep them away.

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