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It’s difficult to get out and enjoy the outdoors when you get eaten alive every time you do so! Mosquitoes find a way to ruin the most enjoyable outdoor activities such as picnics, camping and walking around your yard. If you are tired of being attacked in your own backyard, let us take care of those pesky mosquitoes. Give Clegg’s Pest Control a call today at (888) MRCLEGG and let us put our 50 years of mosquito extermination experience to work for you!

Mosquitoes are often attracted to the North Carolina region, and specifically Durham, because of the humid and warm climate that is typical around here. It is important for homeowners, especially those with bodies of water on or near their property, to routinely treat their property for mosquito prevention.

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What attracts mosquitoes to my yard?

We know that mosquitoes require a body of water to sustainably reside in an area. However, what if your property doesn’t have any bodies of standing water? The reality is, mosquitoes can still find ways to support their need for moisture. Things like bird baths, swimming pools, and pet bowls are safe havens for these insects. In addition, consider that items like buckets, tarps and outdoor furniture can all potentially collect standing water when left outside for extended periods of time. Clogged gutters and plant saucers create the kind of swampy environment that mosquitoes thrive in.

What diseases do mosquitoes carry?

Mosquitoes can be quite dangerous given that they are known to carry and spread disease. They do so by transmitting bacteria, viruses or parasites when they bite into your skin. The most well-known, the West Nile Virus, is reported in hundreds of cases every year. These cases are typically reported in the southeast United States. This is concerning for those in Durham and our neighbors throughout the Triangle. Be sure you and your family are protected by having a professional come out and treat your yard for mosquitoes as soon as possible!

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Do bug zappers kill mosquitoes?

While bug zappers are an effective way to rid bugs around your home and property, they only work for bugs that are attracted to light. Bug zappers work by attracting bugs to an ultraviolet light and administering an electric shock when the bug lands.  Since mosquitoes are not attracted to light, but rather heat and moisture, bug zappers are not an effective way to eliminate them. We recommend that you reach out to our team to effectively eliminate mosquitoes from your property.

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Clegg’s is Durham’s trusted partner in mosquito treatment

If you are ready to re-claim your property in Durham, give Clegg’s Pest Control a call today at (888) MRCELGG. Our trained professionals will identify problematic areas and administer treatment to ensure that mosquitoes are exterminated from around your house for good. We know this to be true because we have been doing for other homes around Durham for over 50 years. Let us put that experience to work for your today!