How Long Does Pest Control Take?

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When you have a pest problem, you want it fixed as soon as possible. Clegg’s Pest Control uses the latest and safest methods to solve your insect issues quickly. Our team is frequently asked how long pest control treatments will take to solve the problem – read on for more information regarding the different types of pest control treatment options and timelines.

What Factors Affect Treatment Timeline?

Different pests require different treatments, so the time it takes to eradicate insects, spiders, or rodents will vary from location to location due to the severity of the infestation and type of critter being treated.

Some of the biggest things that determine the length of time it will take treatments to work include:

  • The need for multiple treatments
  • Infestation severity
  • Type of treatment

If your home or business is being treated for bed bugs or termites, our pest control technicians may offer fumigation treatments which will take more time than a simple outdoor spray or bait. With other pests, like roaches or ants, your pest control technician may set up a bait station that requires the affected insects to carry the bait back to the colony to treat the entire nest. This can take up to a week in some instances.

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Tips After Treatment

If you are required to leave the property during treatment, wait the appropriate amount of time before returning; your pest control technician will tell you how long to wait before reentering.

Always ask your technician if you have any questions about post-treatment steps.

Pest Control Timelines Vary

Every pest problem is different. There are many things that affect treatment timelines, including area of the infestation, type of pest, treatment being used, and even weather on occasion. However, we understand the need to quickly solve any and all pest problems; our team of highly trained and licensed pest control heroes are here to help you enjoy your home or office without pests! Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

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