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Pest Control in Lumberton, NC

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Pests and bugs bothering you in Lumberton? Call Clegg’s!


Creepy crawlers keeping you on your toes around your home or office? Contact your local Clegg’s pest control heroes for quick service, and let our team help you take back your space! Whether you’ve got ants, bed bugs, roaches, or other critters, the team at Clegg’s Pest Control can show those bugs out and give you a clean, pest-free space. We are proud to use only the safest, most effective techniques and treatments. We are also proud to serve customers throughout North Carolina, including our friends and neighbors in Lumberton and Wilmington! If you’re ready to take back your space, call our team at 888-672-5344 or contact us online. New customers can take advantage of our free inspection services!  

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Termite Extermination in Lumberton

Termites often aren’t discovered until it’s too late. Because they live within the walls of your home or office, extensive damage can occur before you even realize it’s happened. These are the signs to look for if you suspect termites might be making a home in your building:

If you spot any of these signs around your home or business, contact our team! We’ll be happy to evaluate the structure of your building and give you solutions for your pest problems.  

termite extermination lumberton nc

Roach Extermination in Lumberton, NC


Roaches are one of the worst sights to see when you flip on your kitchen light or head out to the garage. It seems like they can survive anything, and where there’s one, there’s probably dozens more. If you’ve spotted a roach, or even think you might have some of these flat brown bugs living in your home or office, call our team today. You can also look for signs of infestation that include:

  • Smelling an oily, musty odor
  • Seeing egg casings
  • Finding droppings that look like black pepper flakes.

If you’ve seen a roach, then that’s a sure sign they are checking out your home, making a space for themselves. Contact your local pest control heroes and let us save the day!  

Roach extermination


Ant Control Services in Lumberton, NC

If you have come across ants marching through your kitchen or any other room in your house, don’t hesitate to take action. If you see one ant, then more ants will follow if your home is not protected. Before you know it you can have a serious ant infestation on your hands. Ants travel in colonies and they can lay up to 800 eggs in one day! Ant infestations happen quickly so you are going to want to call the professionals to make sure the ants are completely taken care of before they become a problem. 

Ants eating food on the floor

Using a basic ant spray from the store may not solve your problem and can cause harm to you and your family because of the toxic chemicals that they contain. Professional ant exterminators get it right the first time. Let Clegg’s Pest Control work their magic and get rid of the ants in your home or business today. 

Fill out the online form or send a text or make a call to 866-429-8530 and an expert from Clegg’s Pest Control will be at your home or business in no time to do their first free initial inspection. Don’t let the ants take over, call Clegg’s Pest Control and request ant control service in Lumberton, NC today. 

Rodents Control Services in Lumberton, NC

Imagine sitting on your couch when suddenly you see a small animal scurry behind a couch. If you suspect you have a rodent in your home it is imperative that you take action immediately.  Mice and rats are able to fit through the tiniest holes and to keep them out, you must seal off every entry into your home. If you see a rat or mouse in your home, it is likely that there are many more that are hiding. 

Once rodents such as mice or rats are in your home, they can be dangerous. They are known to chew through wires that could end up causing a fire. They can carry harmful diseases or bring in lice or ticks that carry harmful diseases of their own. Needless to say, if you have a rodent in your home, call Clegg’s Pest Control and request our rodent control services for Lumberton, NC. 

Rodents Control Services in Lumberton, NC


Dealing with rodents by yourself is difficult. Rats and mice are hard to eradicate completely unless you have the right tools and experience. The only way to be one hundred percent sure that your home is protected is to enlist help from professional rodent control experts. Clegg’s Pest Control is Lumberton’s go to rodent control specialist.  We are dedicated to treating your home and preventing any further entry from rodents. Contact us by calling 866-429-8530 and the team from Clegg’s Pest Control will be at your home or business to do a free general inspection.You will be glad you did!

Robeson County, NC Pest Control Services 

Does your home or business in Robeson County, NC have a pest problem? Whether the problem pest be ants, cockroaches, rodents, or mosquitoes, they do not have a place in your home or business. The highly trusted Clegg’s Pest Control experts service your area and they are dedicated to protecting your home from pests and pest related damage. Contact Clegg’s Pest Control to set up your first free inspection. Clegg’s Pest Control will be able to get rid of the unwanted guests and prevent them from coming back.

Trust Clegg’s Pest Control Today

When you have things that creep and crawl in your home, you shouldn’t wait to treat them. From ants to termites to silverfish and more, our team of pest control heroes can give you the pest-free space you’ve been dreaming of. We are proud to be a family owned and operated pest control company, and we’ve been serving customers across North Carolina since 1964 when the company first launched. If you want friendly technicians, quick service, and safe but effective treatments, Clegg’s Pest Control is the only option. Let us beat those bugs on your behalf and give you the pest-free home or business you deserve! Call us at 888-672-5344 to learn more and schedule your appointment.


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