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When you want fast and effective pest control in Raeford, there’s no one to call but your local Clegg’s Pest Control Heroes! We have been serving our friends and neighbors throughout North Carolina since 1964 and look forward to helping you take back your home or office from any invading creepers and crawlers!

You shouldn’t spend your time worried about ants, roaches, or other critters. After all, don’t you want to be swinging by Kimmy’s Sweets N Treats or visiting the Raeford Hoke Museum instead of stressing about pest problems? When you work with our team of local pest control heroes, you’ll enjoy peace of mind thanks to decades of experience, safe yet effective treatment techniques, and incredible customer service. If you’re interested in scheduling your FREE initial inspection, call us at 888-MRCLEGG or contact us here online today!

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Roach Extermination in Raeford


Roaches are one of the worst pests… It seems like they can survive just about anything! Not to mention, they can fly, crawl, and squeeze through the smallest of spaces. Plus, they’re also known to carry diseases. Where there’s one, there are usually many, which means when you spot a roach in your kitchen it is probably not alone.

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Did you know there are many species of roach? Some of the most popular ones we see here include the American, German, and Oriental cockroaches. If you think you might have a roach problem, be on the lookout for black-pepper-like droppings, egg cases, and oily odors. You can look for these clues under appliances, in dark cabinets or drawers, in drains, or anywhere that is dark and damp. You can also call our team for a free initial inspection and let us help you show those bugs who’s boss!


Bed Bug Extermination in Raeford


If you’re waking up with itchy, red bites on your arms and legs, you’ve got bed bugs. They can be almost impossible to find during the day. They hide out in soft materials, especially along the edges and corners of your mattress, in piles of clothes, and even in chairs and beanbags.

Most common places for bed bugs

Look for rust colored stains, small exoskeletons, and a musty smell. If you think you have bed bugs, don’t flee the house and go buy a getaway car from your local Raeford car dealer. Let a professional handle the problem, especially since they can be so difficult to spot. Here at Clegg’s Pest Control, we employ two bed bug detection dogs and a team of highly trained pest control heroes to make sure we send those bed bugs packing! You deserve a good night’s rest – let us help you get back to those sweet dreams and say sayonara to red, itchy bites!


General Pest Control in Raeford


From infestations to smaller preventative treatments, our team does it all. We want you to enjoy everything that spring has to offer instead of worrying about your pest problem, so let us help you take back your home or office. Give us a call at 888-MRCLEGG or contact us online to schedule your FREE initial inspection and let the team of pest control heroes come save the day with safe and effective techniques!


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