Bed Bug Detection Dogs


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Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control now has two bed bug detection dogs, Rambo and Smoke. They have been specially trained to detect the presence of live bed bugs in homes and offices. Once they alert their handler to the presence of the bugs, our trained bed bug professionals develop a bed bug treatment plan to rid your property of these pesky critters.

Rambo (pictured right) is our first bed bug dog. Rambo is a chocolate lab. He joined the team in July of 2012 and came to Clegg’s already trained to detect bed bugs. Since arriving he has gone through additional training with Clegg’s team to ensure that Rambo is able to efficiently identify and eradicate bed bugs. Rambo visits homes and businesses in the eastern regions of North Carolina.

Smoke-289x300Smoke, also known as “Smoke Detector” (pictured right) is a black lab who works with his handler to cover the central and western areas of North Carolina. Smoke is very friendly and is a great family dog as well as a working dog. Smoke has more than 150 inspections under his collar.

Bed bug dogs go through initial training with an experienced trainer. Once the dog knows its job, “team” training is held so the new handler and dog will learn to work together. Bed bug dogs detect the bugs based on their scent. Human’s noses are not sensitive enough to smell bed bugs, but these dogs have no problem finding them. When Rambo or Smoke finds an infestation, they sit down and point (or stare) at the bug’s location. Once they find bugs, they are rewarded with a toy as a form of positive reinforcement. At this point, the Clegg’s pest professionals take over, evaluating the extent of the problem and determining the best treatment option. The treatment plan is then discussed with the homeowner and Clegg’s gets started killing bed bugs.

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