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Here at Clegg’s our team of pest control heroes are experts in insect control and extermination. However, we offer more than just solutions to get pesky pests out of your home! We also have a team of moisture control professionals who are the authority on removing water buildup and excess moisture from your home, and installing systems to prevent moisture buildup. What does this have to do with pest control? Well, lots of different species of insects thrive in moist environments, and moisture can be a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes, termites, and more. Making sure your home is free of standing water or moisture in places like the basement or crawlspace is a huge part of pest prevention.

That’s where our Clegg’s Pest Control team comes in! We have a variety of solutions we use to keep the area beneath your home as dry and insect free as possible including: Vapor Barriers, French Drain Systems, Dehumidifiers, and more. If you are suffering from pest problems or moisture/water buildup in your home, call our Clegg’s Pest Control team at (888) MRCLEGG. With over 50 years of experience, we are your local pest control AND moisture control heroes! Give us a call today and let us leap into action defending your home from pests and moisture buildup.

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What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a small pump designed to keep excess water out of your crawl space or basement. Our sump pumps are usually installed in custom dug sump pits. When water flows into the pit from rain, flooding, or simply natural natural movement of water up through the soil, the pump turns on. It knows there is water in the pit thanks to a pressure sensor or float monitor within the pump. When it senses water, it then begins pumping it out of the pit and away from the house. This keeps the crawlspace or basement dry and pest free!

What is a french drain?

A french drain works kind of like the gutters on your roof to redirect water away from your house to safer areas. Similar to how gutters capture water and redirect it to ground level, a french drain does the same thing on the ground. If you notice that water tends to pool in the same areas after a heavy rain, a french drain can solve this. It is essentially a trench, dug from the areas of water accumulation to a safer area to reroute the water. Water flows into the trench, usually full of gravel, and into perforated pipes which redistribute it. If you have areas around your house that accumulate water after a heavy rain, a french drain could be exactly what you need!

What is a moisture barrier?

Unlike sump pumps or french drains, which are designed to remove or redistribute water, moisture barriers are designed to prevent it outright. The concept is relatively straightforward. You don’t want moisture in your crawl space or basement, it is bad for the equipment inside like HVAC and electric panels, and causes pipes to rust. A moisture barrier is designed to keep moisture from entering the crawl space by installing one of a variety of impermeable materials to keep water out. Preventing moisture means preventing pests!

More Moisture Control Solutions from Clegg’s

In addition to the methods outlined above, we have other solutions to remove and prevent water and moisture buildup in your home. Dehumidifiers aid in the removal of excess humidity in your crawlspace and also help control future wood moisture issues. Plus, remember that damaged insulation is just as harmful as no insulation. Not only can we remove damaged or falling insulation, we can also install new. Don’t forget your attic! We offer T.A.P. blown insulation that not only protects heat/cold loss, but also assists with pest control issues. Is your crawl door damaged or missing? If so, this can create pest control issues and add excess moisture. We can build a crawl door to fit your specific space.

Call Clegg’s Pest Control for Quality and Lasting Moisture Control Solutions

If you have problems with moisture or water accumulation in your home, we can help! Standing water or moisture buildup in your crawlspace or basement can quickly lead to pest infestation. That’s where out team comes in. Call our Clegg’s team at (888) MRCLEGG or contact us online to speak to a member of our team. Let us get to work defending your home today!

Clegg's offers moisture control solutions to prevent pests



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