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Living at the beach is a dream… Until you find creepers and crawlers living with you. If you’re in need of a pest control team that does things the right way, then Clegg’s Pest Control is the one you want. Our team of pest control heroes is always ready to jump into action, saving your home or business from invaders that scurry and fly. Let us create a custom treatment plan for you and help you reclaim your space in Wrightsville!

We’ve been serving North Carolina since 1964, and we use only the most effective, safest treatment products and pest control techniques. Call us today at 888-MRCLEGG for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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Bed Bug Treatment in Wrightsville Beach

If you think you may be playing host to these small pests, check your mattress, box spring, and couches for shed skin, egg shells, and small stains. You’ll probably find them in the corners of soft furniture, although they can also hide in headboards and side tables. Be on the lookout for soft materials that may have transported bed bugs to other areas of your home, like blankets and pillows.

If you’re waking up with red, itchy bites, that’s another sign that bed bugs have made your space their home, and another reason to call the team of pest control heroes at Clegg’s. Bed bugs can pose a health risk to people and animals, so don’t delay in reaching out to us.


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Ant Treatment in Wrightsville Beach

Whether they’re searching for food and water or seeking shelter, ants will make their way into your residence through small cracks or open windows. They travel together, so where there’s one, there are many! There are also thousands of species of ant, some of which require different treatment methods.

Our team can help you identify where the ants are coming from, what species they are, and provide a custom treatment plan for you. Whether they crawl or fly, no ant belongs in your home and we want to help you get back to the things that matter without worrying about the ant parade that might be moving through your kitchen. Don’t let ants wreak havoc on your plans; treat them before they take over by called the team of pest control heroes at 888-MRCLEGG.

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Mosquito Control Services in Wrightsville Beach, NC


If you have lived in North Carolina during the summer, then you are quite familiar with mosquitoes. They like to wreak havoc on your outdoor summertime plans. Mosquitoes can ruin the family BBQ and leisurely evening walks with the dog. Mosquito bites lead to non stop itching and welts appearing on your arms, legs and even your face. In addition to causing unpleasant itching, they can also carry harmful diseases. As pest control experts, Cleggs Pest Control has a knowledgeable staff that will be able to help you get rid of mosquitoes in your yard in Wrightsville.  

Mosquitos breed anywhere there is stagnant water. This means that dog bowls, containers and puddles of water, would be the ideal location for mosquitoes to settle in and lay their eggs. Mosquitoes can lay up to 3,000 eggs within a couple of weeks so if you think that you have a mosquito problem, call Clegg’s Pest Control as soon as possible and request our professional Mosquito Control Service in Wrightsville, North Carolina. 

Mosquito Control Services in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Leave it to your local pest control experts, to get rid of the  mosquitoes in your yard. Clegg’s Pest Control is able to rid your home or business of mosquitoes effectively, efficiently and safely. The sprays that you can buy at your local store may contain harmful chemicals that you do not want your family, friends, and pets to be around. Don’t keep wasting money on toxic sprays that may not be effective. Trust your home or business with the professionals that do it right, Clegg’s Pest Control. 

Cockroach Control Service in Wrightsville, NC

Cockroaches may be able to outlive a nuclear bomb but they will not be able to withstand the experienced pest control experts at Clegg’s Pest Control. If you see one cockroach, there are likely hundreds more hidden within the walls and cracks of your home. Seeing a cockroach is a sure sign that there is a larger population of cockroaches that you can’t see. A cockroach infestation can quickly get out of hand. That is why it is important for you to reach out to pest control experts as soon as possible. Contact Clegg’s Pest Control and request your free preliminary pest inspection. 

Cockroach Control in Wrightsville Beach, NC

If you think that you have a cockroach problem in your home or business, make sure you contact Clegg’s Pest Control as soon as possible. Cockroaches should be taken seriously because they can carry diseases that can cause gastrointestinal problems and some people are allergic to their droppings. Call Clegg’s Pest Control at 866-429-8530 to schedule your first free initial inspection and get ahead of the cockroach problem before it gets out of control. Our cockroach extermination experts will help you eliminate cockroaches from your home! 

New Hanover County, NC Pest Control Services

Are you a resident of New Hanover County with a pest problem? Clegg’s Pest Control provides pest control services for your area! Our team has been trusted for over 50 years and we are dedicated to eliminating any pest problem you have in Wrightsville, NC. If you suspect that you have a pest problem in New Hanover County, NC contact Clegg’s Pest Control today. You can easily contact Clegg’s Pest Control by filling out the online form or call/text 866-429-8530. Our team of experts look forward to protecting your home or business. 


Why Should I Choose Clegg’s?

Our company is family owned and operated, and we take great pride in providing expert service for an affordable price that gets the job done quickly and effectively the first time. If you have bed bugs, you might see one of our bed bug detection dogs on site, working with our team to sniff out those critters and allowing us to fully treat your entire home or office. Are you struggling with other pests? We can handle everything, both big and small, so don’t wait any longer to get the help you need.

We currently provide free inspections for new clients. It’s our way of welcoming you into the Clegg’s family, showing you top-notch care, and providing a custom treatment plan for your needs. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in the approach that we take, and we invite you to ask questions! Same day service is also available, and our highly trained team will be happy to schedule an appointment for you when call us at 888-MRCLEGG today.


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