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Are pests giving you problems in Henderson?

If you are experiencing a pest issue in Henderson there is help standing by! At Clegg’s Pest Control, we know that no one can feel comfortable inside their home if it is being shared with bugs–– that’s why we are here to help. Unfortunately Henderson, Vance County and the rest of North Carolina have always been home to several species of NC bugs. This doesn’t mean you should have to open your door and invite them in. Call Clegg’s Pest Control to take your home back, and keep the bugs and pests in Foxpond Park where they belong!

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Termite Control in Henderson, NC

One of the major pests that infests the Piedmont area of North Carolina is termites. Many homeowners know this all too well because of how damaging it can be when termites invade a home. We are committed to helping the people of Henderson and Vance County identify and prevent termites from becoming a nuisance in your home or business. Give us a call at (888) MRCLEGG if you notice any of these early warning signs:

  • Damage to wooden areas of home
  • Paint or wallpaper appears discolored
  • Visible air pockets under paint
  • Hollow sound occurs when knocking


Bed Bug Control in Henderson, NC

Did you know that bed bugs are nearly impossible to spot with an unaided eye? Often times, bed bugs can reside in people’s beds without them knowing. For this reason, we encourage homeowners to reach out to us. Our experienced technicians will inspect your home for free. Your entire family will sleep worry-free knowing that your house is protected by Clegg’s Pest Control. To take advantage of this, call (888) MRGLEGG today!


General Pest Control in Henderson, NC

Our services know no bounds! We have served the people of Henderson and the rest of North Carolina for over 50 years. There isn’t an insect, rodent or varmint we haven’t seen before; our services cover them all. Even the ones with long legs, like the Giant Legs of Henderson. Plus, you can get $45 off initial general pest control services. Contact us online or reach out by phone (888) MRCLEGG to have one of our technicians take care of your pest problem… whatever it may be!


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Why Clegg’s Pest Control for pest control in Henderson, NC?

Clegg’s Pest Control is a local business that wants to serve its people. We believe in improving your community by serving it. This is why, for 50 years, our employees have done everything they can to help the people of North Carolina keep their homes bug-free. We are honored that the people of North Carolina have trusted Clegg’s with their business. We do not take this lightly; we want it to be clear why you have chosen us and will work endlessly to ensure your ultimate satisfaction. Give your neighbors at Clegg’s Pest Control a call today at (888) MRCLEGG.