Liquid Termite Control


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    Liquid Termite Pest Control Options

    Premise is one weapon we use to fight against a termite invasion. When Premise is applied to the soil around the home it creates a non-repellant treated zone. Termites enter the zone blindly and immediately become controlled by the Termiticide which keeps them from further damaging your home. Premise also has a very special characteristic called Lateral Soil Movement which allows the termiticide to spread in all directions to create a complete treated zone around the perimeter of your home.
    Like other leading liquid termiticides, Termidor is lethal to termites when they ingest it (which they do readily since they don’t know it’s there). Once a termite comes into contact with Termidor, they carry it back to the colony on their bodies. When this termite comes in contact with other termites, then those termites will become carriers, able to contact and infect others. This is known as the “Transfer Effect”.

    In an effort to help make our services more affordable Clegg’s does offer a Combo Deal that includes our quarterly pest control maintenance program and the Sentricon Termination Colony Elimination System. We want our customers to feel safe in their homes and protected against any outside invaders. Contact Clegg’s today to learn more.