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Termidor Treatments in North Carolina

Protect your residential or commercial property by investing in termite control services from Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC. Providing termite control offerings to 13 locations and the surrounding areas in North Carolina, we have the extensive treatments you need to protect your home or business from invasive termite colonies.

We are proud to offer Termidor in NC, which is one of our most popular termite control products in the area. Widely used for Formosan, dampwood and drywood termites, this termiticide creates a barrier around your building that termites cannot penetrate. It is not a repellent, as termites are adept at finding minuscule weaknesses or breaks in repellent lines, exploiting even the tiniest of areas and still gaining access to your home or business.

Termidor is undetectable to the insects, as it is odorless and tasteless. Termites that come into contact with the non-repellent are then considered carriers, tracking it with them into their colonies, which eventually kills the carrier and every termite it has come into contact with.

Termidor HP – New Termite Control Solution

Termidor has an all new termite control solution: Termidor HP. This revolutionary new product changes the game and gives us a new, less invasive method of termite control and extermination. Want to learn more about Termidor HP, our newest termite control solution? Check out this video:

Termidor: Successfully Protecting Millions from Termite Infestations

The United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service has conducted numerous tests using Termidor, and has not detected termite activity in field test areas that were treated 15 years ago with the product. Given that effectiveness, Termidor has been successfully utilized by over four million homes in the US.

Protect your residential or commercial property from NC termites today by calling the extermination experts at Clegg’s Pest Control at 888-MR-CLEGG. You may also visit our contact page to request a residential or commercial pest control assessment for termites and other North Carolina pests.

Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC proudly offers a variety of termiticides, including Termidor, to homes and businesses in Wilmington, Smithfield, Raleigh, New Bern, Morehead City, Southport, Greenville, Kernersville, Fayetteville, Clinton, Charlotte, Asheville and Durham, NC.


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