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All-Inclusive Pest Control for North Carolina Apartments

Nothing will send a prospective tenant packing or start the onslaught of negative online reviews like cockroaches, bed bugs and other insect infestations around your North Carolina apartment complex. Offering internal as well as external services for your apartments, our technicians know how to install preventative and active pest control solutions for your property.

If you have a problem that is more detailed than a general pest issue, Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC offers additional services for complicated infestation issues. General pests that we offer base plans for include the following bugs and rodents in North Carolina:

Upon request, we can also provide flea control services for complexes that allow pets, and wildlife management for larger North Carolina pests.

Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control LLC: Combatting Bed Bugs in North Carolina Apartments

Our pest management professionals are determined to help lead the charge against a consistent problem in North Carolina apartment complexes — bed bugs. If apartment units are not properly fumigated or otherwise treated, bed bugs can take up residence with an unknowing new tenant. Even worse, they can travel within buildings through existing ports in the walls, such as electrical outlets and holes left by pipes, spreading throughout several units.

When you call Clegg’s, we’ll match the best liquid or heat treatment option to the level of infestation in your apartment complex. We’ll also educate apartment residents on any steps they can take to prevent the bugs from entering their homes, as well as addressing any current risk factors. We offer monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and even weekly pest control services in NC, VA and SC.

Take care of any current and future pest infestation issues in your apartment complex by calling Clegg’s today at 888-MR-CLEGG. You can also contact us for more information, including to request a commercial pest control assessment.

Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control LLC controls pests from North Carolina apartment complexes, servicing Raleigh, Wilmington, New Bern, Kernersville, Asheville and beyond.