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Pest problems got you down? When you work with the team of local pest control heroes at Clegg’s, you can finally get back to the things that matter instead of worrying about critters in your home or office. If you’re looking for fast and friendly service, Clegg’s is the only choice! We’ve been family owned and operated since 1964, and we enjoy helping our friends and neighbors with quality pest control in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and throughout North Carolina.

When you work with the Clegg’s team, you’ll get a custom treatment plan that tackles those pests head on, letting you head off to Weaver Street Market or Cats Cradle without a second thought spent on creepers and crawlers. We also offer FREE initial inspections, so you have nothing to lose! Contact us below or call us at 888-MRCLEGG for more information today and to take one more step towards peace of mind!  


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Roach Extermination in Carrboro


There’s nothing worse than seeing a roach skitter across the floor, and we’re here to tell you that there is a solution. Sometimes, DIY bug bombs and sprays simply won’t cut it; that’s where our team of pest control heroes comes in.

Roaches can survive any climate and almost any treatment, which is why it’s important to treat them at the source. Our team is highly trained in the most effective techniques to ensure they don’t come hanging around your kitchen or living room again. If you suspect a roach problem, look for shed skins, oval-shaped egg cases, and droppings that will resemble black pepper. You might also notice a musty, oily odor. Whether you’ve seen one in daylight or have evidence of their existence, our roach extermination team is happy to give you back your space and peace of mind with safe yet tough treatment plans.


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Bed Bug Extermination in Carrboro

These little guys enjoy fifteen minutes of fame every once in a while on the news, but if you’ve ever experienced them, you know their effects can last much longer than a quick news bite! Speaking of bites, bed bugs are known for their red, itchy bites that they leave on arms and legs while you’re sleeping. Not only are they annoying, they’re also extremely difficult to get rid of yourself. That’s why we use the best techniques and employ two bed bug detection dogs to sniff out every last bug.

Signs you might have bed bugs include brown or rust colored spots along the edge of your bed or couch, red bites, or a musty odor. You can also look for small, brown exoskeletons that have been shed as the insects grow. If you see any evidence of bed bugs, it’s important to call our team right away and avoid potential allergic reactions to these pests.


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When you have a creepy crawly problem, we have a fast and effective solution. As Carrboro’s premier pest control company, we have helped many friends and neighbors get the most enjoyment out of their homes or offices. Bug free is how it should be! Let a pest control hero come out to your residence today and create a custom treatment plan that is unique to your needs. Remember, we offer FREE initial inspections and are here to make sure any roaches, bed bugs, termites, silverfish, ants, or other creatures know that your home is not their home. Contact us below or call us at 888-MRCLEGG.


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