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Pests frightening you in Fuquay? Call Clegg’s!

Having problems with pests in your Fuquay-Varina home or business? Clegg’s Pest Control is here to help! Family owned and operated and with more than 50 years of experience, we are your local pest control heroes. Our experienced staff of technicians and pest pros has been protecting properties in Fuquay-Varina from termites, bed bugs, ants, spiders, silverfish, roaches, and more for decades. If you have a pest problem at your home or business, call our Clegg’s team at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your FREE pest inspection with one of our team members today!

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Need Effective Pest Control in Fuquay? We’re here to help!

Though pests like termites and bed bugs may be the insects that catch the news headlines, there are thousands of species of bugs in NC that can find their way into homes and commercial properties. That’s where our Clegg’s team comes in! With over 5 decades of pest control experience in NC, our Clegg’s team is are your local pest control experts. We employ the latest, safest, and most effective pest control strategies in our never-ending quest to keep the homes of Fuquay pest and bug free.

Whether you are having problems with ants, roaches, mosquitoes, silverfish, fleas, or rodents and wildlife, our Clegg’s team is ready and waiting to defend your property. Call our team today and schedule your FREE General Pest Control Inspection. We even offer Prompt and Efficient Service to our NC customers! Give us a call or contact us online and let us get to work for you today.

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Ant Extermination and Control

Have you ever walked into the kitchen and found a trail of ants marching across the countertop? Finding the source of the ant infestation is difficult, but keeping them out is even harder. Ants are constantly on the hunt for any sort of food and water. Leftover crumbs and puddled water around a sink are an ant’s dream. They are also attracted to sugary and sweet smells. Keeping your home free of these things will help deter ants, and regular ant control maintenance will ensure that they stay out. Our experienced pros know where to look to find ants point of entry into your home, and we work to make sure that any existing infestation is exterminated while also protecting against future ant invasions.

Rodent Extermination and Wildlife Control

We know there is nothing more disturbing than seeing rodents in your home. Since rodents carry many kinds of diseases and have the ability to multiply quickly, it’s important to exterminate these pests as quickly as possible once they have been spotted. A few things that you as a homeowner can do to help keep your space unattractive to rodents include:

  • Clean up all crumbs and leftovers
  • Empty trash cans at the end of each day
  • Clean up debris that has piled up such as mulch piles or leaves that could be a home to rodents
  • Keep water sources covered if possible
  • Set traps out at the sight of first droppings

If you have seen rodent droppings of any sort, this is a direct indication that you have a rodent infestation. Contact our team and schedule a FREE initial inspection with your pest control heroes from Clegg’s.

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Termite Control and Extermination

Oh termites. Famous for their destructive nature, these pesky insects are all too common in Fuquay-Varina and the heavily wooded areas around Raleigh. While termites normally feast on the wood of fallen trees and logs in the forests of NC, they often also confuse homes for trees. What are some common signs that termites have infested your home? There are several. First, look for damaged wood or peeling wood around baseboards. This is one of the most common signs of termite infestation. Another common indicator is wood shavings or sawdust by small holes or damaged areas in the wood. In addition, if you hear hollow sounds when knocking on wood then you may have a problem with termites.

If you think you may have a termite infestation in your Fuquay home or business, don’t wait! Call our local Clegg’s Termite Control team today at (888) MRCLEGG and schedule your FREE inspection. With over 50 years of experience protecting NC homes from termites, we are your local pest control heroes!

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Bed Bug Extermination

Unfortunately, bed bugs are becoming all more common in the triangle area in recent years and Fuquay Varina has not escaped this trend. More and more home owners and apartment renters find themselves living with bed bugs every year. Part of the reason for this increase in infestations is that people travel more often now, and bed bugs are being shared and spread more than ever. There are some best practices to avoid bed bugs that you can apply to prevent infestation. However, those don’t help if you already have them in your home!

If you have, or suspect that you have, a bed bug infestation in your home, call our Clegg’s bed bug team today or contact us online. Our experienced bed bug team employs the latest and most effective bed bug control treatments in the industry, and has decades of experience to back it up. Contact us today and schedule your FREE inspection by a Clegg’s team member!

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Pest Extermination and Control in Wake County

Wake County houses the majority of the Triangle area, including Fuquay-Varina. It is the second most populated county in North Carolina, and Wake County just continues to grow each year. With all of the people here there are many businesses and homes constantly being added to the area. This influx of population is an attractive thing to pests and rodents because they now have more places to explore new homes to invade. The increased development also eliminates spaces that were traditionally wooded and home to wildlife and pests, which leaves them less options for where to make a home. If unwelcome pests or wildlife have decided to move into your Fuquay home or business, contact our team for a FREE initial inspection.

Call Clegg’s for effective pest control in Fuquay

No matter what pest has invaded your home, our Clegg’s team is standing by and ready to help. Family owned and operated for over 50 years here in North Carolina, we work hard to protect our NC neighbors from dangerous pests. If you have a common pest like roaches, ants, spiders, or something more serious like bed bugs or termites, we are here to help. Call our Clegg’s team and let us get to work at your Fuquay-Varina property today.

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